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ADEPT DDRHN2003Accelerating the development and implementation of personali... ADEPT DDR Live ADEPT DDR Training ADEPT DDR Development
AdUPPR1002A Phase I clinical trial of a replication defective type 5 a... AdUP Live AdUP Training AdUP Development
ALLRICHM2064A comparison of reduced dose total body irradiation (TBI) an... ALLRIC Live ALLRIC Training ALLRIC Development
ALS StudyXX2007A Phase II pilot safety and tolerability study of ILB in pat... ALS Study Live ALS Study Training ALS Study Development
ANICCA-Class IICR2008A phase II trial assessing nivolumab in class II expressing ... ANICCA-Class II Live ANICCA-Class II Training ANICCA-Class II Development
ArChIMEDEsHN2001Accelerated Hypofractionation, Chemotherapy, Intensity Modul... ArChIMEDEs Live ArChIMEDEs Training ArChIMEDEs Development
AutumnHE9002Autologous T-regulatory cell tracking after infusion in auto... Autumn Live Autumn Training Autumn Development
AVAIL TNH2004 A Phase 2a trial of Avelumab, an anti-PDL1 antibody, in rel... AVAIL T Live AVAIL T Training AVAIL T Development
Axi-STSSA2013A clinicopathological phase II study of axitinib in patients... Axi-STS Live Axi-STS Training Axi-STS Development
AZTECHM2054A phase II study of the use of Azacitidine for the treatment... AZTEC Live AZTEC Training AZTEC Development
BEACON-NeuroblaBN2008A randomized phase IIb trial of BEvACizumab added to Temozol... BEACON-Neurobla Live BEACON-Neurobla Training BEACON-Neurobla Development
BladderPathBL2102Image Directed Redesign of Bladder Cancer Treatment Pathways... BladderPath Live BladderPath Training BladderPath Development
BRAIN MATRIXBN1005A BRitish feasibility study of molecular stratification and ... BRAIN MATRIX Live BRAIN MATRIX Training BRAIN MATRIX Development
BREVITYHO2002A phase II study of brentuximab vedotin using a response ada... BREVITY Live BREVITY Training BREVITY Development
BSGBN2003A phase II multi-centre study of concomitant and prolonged a... BSG Live BSG Training BSG Development
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